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You Know You’re Obsessed with Halloween When…

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Halloween is just a few days away and we've been waiting all year for it to arrive. If you're like us, Halloween is your absolute favorite and there's things you do even all throughout the year to show your honor for the holiday. Check out these ways to spot a fellow Halloween addict and share the spooky spirit together.

  • We begin our Halloween Countdown on November 1st
  • Our favorite movie genre is horror
  • We wear Halloween apparel throughout the year
  • We work on our Halloween costume months ahead of time
  • Our Social Media pages are filled with Halloween-related photos
  • We take advantage of the year-round Haunted Houses
  • Our homes are filled with spooky decor – even in the Summertime
  • Christmas Haunted Houses are our favorite way to celebrate the holiday season
  • We take our Valentine to a Valentine’s Day-themed Haunted House
  • Our Christmas trees are decked out with creepy ornaments and Halloween colors
  • Halloween-themed music is always playing
  • Our pets wear a Halloween costume each year
  • Our candles are all Pumpkin-scented
  • We search for Halloween merchandise in stores during the off-season
  • Real haunted places intrigue us
  • Our candy stash is filled with Halloween favorites
  • We try to attend Halloween Trade Shows and Conventions
  • The start of Summer is really just Pre-Fall
  • We go on Ghost Tours
  • November 1st rolls around and our seasonal depression kicks in!

Comment below to let us know what it is that makes you a Halloween addict!



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